Continuous Learning is key to stay relevant in today’s fast changing IT landscape. As a Solution Architect or a Technologist it is extremely important to have reasonable understanding of emerging technologies and have a very fast learning curve to be able to deep dive into specific areas.

Here are some resources I have used and liked. All the resources are freely available and I have found them immensely useful to:

  • Build a good understanding of the technology.
  • Learn fast. Speed of learning is very important in today’s context.

This document also lists some sites which I found useful for a quick reference. This is a living document and I keep updating them as and when I find something which can be relevant for the community.

Hands On Labs

  • Qwiklabs. Hands on labs on GCP and AWS. This is not free upfront, however when you participate in GCP online events, you get credits for practising the labs. Once you are part of this ecosystem you would realize that you can get enough credits regularly to use the service at no cost. Qwiklabs is now owned by Google and Google provides all their trainings using this platform.
  • Katacoda. Various playgrounds are available to try your hand on and learn by doing. It has number of labs from Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, Tensorflow and many more.

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